National Farmer's Day

Today, October 12th, is National Farmer's Day and I feel as though they don't get nearly the well deserved recognition that they should. I personally cannot imagine the life of a farmer. Probably because I am a tad spoiled. I really like to stay up late and sleep in for one. And although I like to be outside I'm not wanting to be outside if it is too wet or cold. Oh, and let's not forget that I'm not a fan of getting dirty unless it's the occasional camping trip or ride on a side by side. I truly feel famers should have the postman moto of;  "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" because things ALWAYS get done.

Where I live there are farms everywhere. And I am always amazed at how efficient the farmers are. First, their homes and yards are impeccable. Where do they find the time for that? I personally can barely get my garden in timely and let's not talk about the weeding upkeep. Then their fields are in pristine condition. There is always something going on. Tilling, planting, pruning, harvesting to name a few things that I can see as I drive by. But then you also see the irrigation systems, when did they have time to get that all set up or moved around? Or the covers for certain plants that go on for miles, when did that happen? And then just like that they are gone. It fascinates me that they are able to manage all of these major milestones and in the face of conditions that they have no control over, Mother Nature.

As Halloween is approaching, I took my kids to pick out pumpkins at a local small farm and the old man farmer was actually out helping the customers. I noticed his hands. Those hands had stories to tell. Do you know what I mean? The hands that were rough as leather and as tough as a wrench. His hands were tools and you could see that he has worked hard for many years. Many years to help put food on our tables. And with that food he also has given us lots of memories. 

Where does everyone typically gather? The kitchen, a restaurant, a bar or winery, the list can go on and on. These are places where memories are made. Farmers have a part in these gathering places. Sure farmers provide us food but farmers also have fields for the hops, the grapes, and the trees which provide us the lumber for our kitchens and restaurants and other gathering places. Farmers are essential and I appreciate them immensely!

Thank you to all of the Farmers and their families for sacrificing their time and energy so that I can have a good meal, a roof over my head and also create memories with my family and friends. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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