Veterans Day 2020

Happy Veterans Day to ALL of our veterans! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I'm not a veteran myself and when I think of myself joining our armed forces I honestly laugh. When I think of our armed forces my first thought is war & pain and frankly, I am a sissy with a capital S. So, I give BIG kudos to those that have served and are serving because you never know when you may be going to war.

What drives a person to join the military? I'm sure, just as we all are different, so are everyone's reasons to join. If there was to be a list of top five reasons to join, what do you suppose it would look like? 1. I love my country. 2. I love my freedoms/independence. 3. I am keeping with family tradition. 4. It's time to spread my wings and see the world. 5. I will learn new skills and have education opportunities.

Whatever the personal motivation is for someone to join our armed forces I believe you are valiant. You are making a big life change. Initially, you are leaving your friends & family, with zero to minimal contact whatsoever, for I believe the first 6-12 weeks. That's too long for me. I'll go maybe 6 days tops. And in those first weeks you are in boot camp, which I'm pretty sure I'd be crying in the first day. I'm spoiled, I admit it! Oh & I definitely don't do well with people yelling at me! 

Let me continue on why I believe you are valiant. You really have no idea where you are going. Although, I believe you might get a some type of choice, I'm not fully sure. In any event, you could end up in Italy, Germany, or a US Base that is thousands of miles from home, perhaps that was the point of joining. Not everyone can do that and be comfortable with it. Going to college you can up and leave but in our armed services you have made a binding commitment for 4 years, I think is the typical commitment. That's HUGE!

Then the scary one to me is you may face war time. Somewhere in the back of your mind, the thought of going to war had to cross your mind before you signed on the dotted line. You dear veteran are VALIANT! You committed even with knowing this possibility. Fighting for our country. Fighting for reasons you may not fully understand but listening to our country's leader and doing the job you were trained to do. You will never be the same after this journey, whether that be mentally, physically, both, & whether you faced a war or not. I APPRECIATE YOU & I THANK YOU FOR YOUR VALIANT SERVICE!

I feel as though our veterans don't fully get what they deserve for being so valiant. If you see a veteran today or any day, please thank them for their service. They made the valiant decision to join our armed services & their lives have been changed. 

Perhaps you'd like to donate to assist our veterans through a charity. I know some of them don't always have the best reputation so there is a site called Charity Navigator ( that can help sort out some selfish places. Here are a few that give more to the veterans than their own pockets. Yay!

The Gary Sinise Foundation

Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Fisher House Foundation


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