World Mental Health Day

Do you or someone you know suffer with mental health issues? I have recently been more impacted by mental health in the last few years than ever before. Unfortunately, two family members have committed suicide. Both handling the days leading up to their fateful decision very differently. 

In one situation we were all aware of the depression and the feelings of hopelessness. We did everything we could to provide assistance. From professional help and medication and to being the supportive team needed. As you can imagine, we feel as though we failed and that we could have done more. 

In the other situation, no one knew the full extent of the situation. Yes, we knew there were sad and bad days but who doesn't have those? And the mask of smiles was more prevalent than not. How did we get to a place that our own family member couldn't talk with anyone about the true depths of their feelings. 

In both cases, the want for a Do Over is very strong. We are unable to go back for our loved ones but going forward and having a positive impact on others, if even just one person, is what we strive for these days.

We have complied a list of Take Care of You! Ideas for everyone to consider incorporating into their lives. Mental Health care is important for everyone not just those diagnosed with an issue.

TAKE CARE OF YOU! IDEAS  (pdf printable)

Pamper Yourself - Give yourself a spa day at home or away. Or take yourself on that drive, hike or bike ride that you've been wanting to do.

Do Something To Give Yourself A Sense of Achievement - Get creative! Do some coloring, crafting, cooking, planting, cleaning or learn something new.

Journal Or Blog - Release your thoughts in a journal or blog and then, like a balloon, let them go. This is a great way to declutter your mind, reduce stress and depression. And even improve your sleep and improve your memory.

Unplug & Just Chill - Set a time each day to unplug from social media and tech devices. If you aren't able to unplug for the evening entirely at least try to unplug for 30 minutes a day. Find a comfy spot and relax with a book, meditate, listen to some uplifting music or pray.

Eat The Rainbow - By eating more fruits, veggies and whole grains a number of benefits occur and combating depression and fatigue are two of them. So...Eat Up!

Take Deep Breaths - Taking deep breaths decreases stress and increases calm, along with a number of other wonderful health benefits. Set your alarm for a couple times a day to pause and take a couple of deep breaths. Put singing into your morning routine, perhaps in the shower.

Please note that these are all suggestions and not medical advice. Please consult your medical professional, if necessary, regarding any questions you may have in using these suggestions.